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Typical Gujarati fulka rotli is easy to cook at home but for that required huge amount of practice. Rotli is just like plain and flat bread. Try this rotli with Gujarati sabji like potato's, bhindi, undhiyu recipe. 

Ingredients for Fulka Roti Recipe

Wheat Flour: 2 Cup

Salt: 1/2 Teaspoon

Oil: 4 Teaspoon

Warm Water: 3/4 Cup

Wheat flour (for coat): ½ Cup

Method for How to Make Fulka Roti 

Step 1: Take flour in bowl, add salt.

Step 2: Add oil and mix well until it got lumps.

Step 3: Make dough using warm water. Make dough softer.

Step 4: Take little oil and make small balls from dough.

Step 5: Make thin roti using wheat flour for coat.

Step 6: Heat tava, add roti on it.

Step 7: When it make small ballons turn it and cook for other side.

Step 8: Put roti on directy gas and balloon up.

Step 9: Put it in insulated container and smear ghee over it and serve with sabji. 

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