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Dahi Vada is spicy chata pata chart. Dahi Vada is mostly as a side dish in dinner. Dahi Vada is also known as Dahi Bhalla in Punjab, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka. Dahi Vada is North India’s very popular street food. Dahi Vada is chaat of Vada made by different dals and curd with chutney and chaat Masala.

Ingredients for Dahi Vada,Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Caw’s pea dal: 1 Cup

Urad dal: 1 Cup 

Mung dal: ¼ Cup 

Sweet tamarind chutney: 3 Table spoons 

Green chilies and ginger paste: 2 Table spoons 

Chata Masala:1 Table spoons 

Red chilli powder: ½ Table spoons 

Cumin seeds powder: 1 Table spoons 

Oil for fry 

Salt as per taste

Method How to Make Dahi Vada,Dahi Bhalla Recipe

Step-1: Dip all dals in full water for 6 hours. After soaking, grind dal coarsely in mixer.

Step-2: Add water, salt, Green chilies and ginger paste mix them well and make a little thick dough.

Step-3: Take a pan, heat oil and fry Vadas as they are not break.

Step-4: Soak fry Vadas in warm water. After few, minutes press very lightly to drain of the water.

Step-5: Take a curd and make them liquid. Pour a curd on Vadas .

Step-6: Garnish Salt, Red chili powder, Chata Masala , cumin seeds powder and Sweet tamarind chutney and serve it.

Additional Tips:

Soak a Vada’s before a few time of eat.

You can also take 2 cups of cow’s peas dal and 1 cup of urad dal for making wadas.

Make wadas from the stuffing used to fill kachoris. Dip them in. dahiwada mixture and fry them. Before serving treat them like dahiwadas.

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