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Kansar is not a new word for Guajarati and special for married because it is related with weddings. It is custom to make kansar on wedding. Kansar it traditional Gujarati sweet usually we make it on all our good occasions at our home. It is customary to make kansar and have the bride and groom taste it on the day of their wedding.And also one tradition that newly weds bride have to cook on first lapsi while she cooking at her in laws house first time after marrige. 

Recipe Type: Dessert

Number of Serving : 2

Preparation Time: 05 to 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes


1 cup coarsely ground wheat flour

1 ¼  cup water

2 table spoons jiggery

1table spoon oil + 1 tea spoon oil

 2 tea spoons ghee

Ghee and powdered sugar to taste for serving


Step 1:- For 1 cup wheat flour take 1 ¼ cup of water. First of all boil the water. Then after add jaggery.

Step 2:- Add 1 table spoon oil to the flour and mix it.

Step 3:-Then after when the water starts boiling take Out some water from it and keep itaside. And then add 1 tea spoon oil and flour to the remaining water in the pan. Stir it properly with one end of a rolling pin. Cover it with a lid.

Step 4:- Cook on a low flame. Stir with the rolling pin in between. When it’s half cooked adding 2 tea spoons of ghee to it and mixes well. Cook it until done and not stick with the cooking pan.

Step 5:- Sprinkle powdered sugar and add ghee before serving can also add dry fruits to make it decorative but usually for traditional look preferred to use sugar and ghee. 

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