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Rice flour bread toast is a crispy and spicy preparation. It is filling and delicious in taste and a nutritious snack. The outer surface is golden after the preparation. It can be cooked with minimal oil. Diet foods rice flour bread toast easy to cook find step by step recipe with handy ingredients.

Ingredients for Rice Flour Bread Toast

Wheat or White Bread Slices : 4

Rice Flour : 4 tbsp

Plain Yogurt  : 3 tbsp

Green Chilties : 1

Ginger : 1 inch Piece

Cumin Seeds : 1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil : 1tbsp

Method for How to Make Cook Rice Flour Bread Toast

Step 1: Washed Green chilies are required to be chopped after removal of stems.

Step 2: Wash the Ginger, peel it and roughly chop it.

Step 3: Grind ginger and green chili in bit large and irregularly shaped pieces.

Step 4: Take a mixing bowl and mix together rice flour, yogurt, ginger green chili paste, cumin seeds and salt.

Step 5: Make a smooth and thickly lucid paste of rice flour with all other ingredients above.

Step 6: Provide medium heat to a flat Pan after applying edible oil to the pan.

Step 7: Spread a thick layer of the prepared rice flour mixture on one side of the bread slice with with a knife.

Step 8: Place the bread slice carefully on the hot pan and fry it until its light golden in color.

Step 9: Turn the bread slice on the other side and apply a thick layer of the rice flour mixture on the side.

Step 10: Leave the other side of the bread slice on the Pan until it gets light golden in color.

Step 11: Remove the toasted bread onto a serving plate. Repeat the same with remaining bread slices or If it is a large Pan, you may prepare couple of bread pieces at the same time.

Step 12: You can serve rice flour bread toast sizzling hot.

Please ensure that the bread slice is toasted well. You may change the luster of the rice flour mixture by adding more rice floor if it is too loose. If it is too thick, you can add more yogurt to it. If the rice flour mixture is too thick, add more yogurt to it. You can add variety by including some herbs in the mixture. This can also be prepared on a slightly toasted bread before applying the paste. 

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