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Maharashtrian and Gujrati’s famous snacks’ recipe Bhakarwadi which takes more effort to make compare to other snacks. You can preserve Bhakarwadi for a week and have it during snack time or serves your guest. Bhakarwadi is crispy and slightly sweet and spicy in taste have layer of flour in between there is stuffing of coriander leaves, coconut mixture and other ingredients. 

Ingredients for Bhakarwadi

Chana flour: 1 to ½ Cups

Turmeric Powder: 1 Teaspoon

Coriender leaves: 250 Grams

Sesame seeds (powdered): 50 Grams

Fresh coconut powder 50 Grams

Oil for fry

Ginger chilli paste: 3 Tablespoon

Garam Masala: 2 Teaspoon

Sugar: 1 Tablespoon

Lemon: 1

Salt as per Taste

Method How to Make Bhakarwadi

Step 1: Take chana flour, adds 1 Tablespoon of oil, salt, and a liitle turmeric powder mixes it well and make dough.

Step 2: Take oil in pan, sauté coriander leaves, and ginger–chili paste.

Step 3: Add sesame seeds powder and roast until it become brown.

Step 4: Add coconuts powder mix it well and cook until it will light brown.

Step 5: Add salt, garam masala, suagr, turmeric powder.

Step 6: Make small portions of dough.

Step 7: Roll it in shape of rotis.

Step 8: Spread made masala over roti, apply little lemon juice on edge and roll it.

Step 9: Apply lemon juice and roll it again.

Step 10: Apply lemon juice and roll it thrice.

Step 11: Press the open side and crush the extra dough.

Step 12: Put cut on roti.

Step 13: Fry it on hot oil makes sure the masala cannot come out.

Step 14: Put separate each portion as per their cut after 5 minutes.

Additional Tips:

Do not cool too much otherwise pieces would not be formed properly.

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