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You can’t assume Gujarati without sweet. Ladava small ladoos, is also gujarati’s one of the favourite sweet recipe made from wheat, chana and rawa flour. Mostly cook during festivals like Ganesh chaturty, Holi, Shrad etc.  

Ingredients of Ladava Recipe

Wheat Flour: 500 grams

Ghee: 500 grams

Powdered Sugar: 250 grams

Chana Flour: 50 grams

Milk: 2 Tablespoon

Cardamom powder: 2 Teaspoon

Poppy seeds: a few

Method of How to make Ladava Recipe

Step 1: Take wheat flour and 50 grams of ghee make dough using warm water.

Step 2: Make small balls in shape of muthiya.

Step 3: Take ghee in pan, fry balls on slow flame.

Step 4: Crush the fried balls in mixture, after that Sieve the mixture.

Step 5: Take chana flour, add 1 tablespoon warm ghee and warm milk.

Step 6: Sieved mixture through steel sieve.

Step 7: Take ghee in pan, roast chana flour mixture, when it is cool add wheat flour mixture.

Step 8: Add powdered sugar, cardamom powder and a little warm ghee and mix properly.

Step 9: Make small laddo (round balls) and spread Poppy seeds on laddos now your ladava is ready.

Additional Tips 

You can also add rawa into wheat flour. For that 300 grams of sugar should be used. 

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