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In the season of monsoon , I advices you to try this Moong dal halwa. Moong dal halwa is a perfect sweet recipe. Moong dal halwa is made by rajsthani's specialy. Moong dal halwa is made on monsone season and on special occasions and festivals too. Moong dal halwa is very healthy at monsoon season.


Ingredients for Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

Moong dal: 300 gms

Ghee: 200 gms

Khoya: 200 gms

Sugar: 300 gms

Pista ( Pistachio ): 8-10 pieces

Almond: 8-10 piece

Yellow colour: 2 drops

Kesar (saffron): 6-7 strands

Method How to Make Moong dal Halwa

Step-1 Take a dal and soak in deep water for 5 to 6 hours.after that grind dal.

Step-2 Take a bowl and add yellow color and little water and kesa mix them well.

Step-3 Take a pan , heat ghee and bake a dal until it get brown and ghee is saprated from dal.

Step-4 Add khoya in dal and mixture of bowl.

Step-5 Take another pan , heat water, add sugar in it.

Step-6 Add the dal mixture in that pan.

Step-7 Heat mixture until water is absorbed.

Step-8 Garnish with almonds and pista.

Additional Tips

Please stir the mixture continuously otherwise it is stick to pan.

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