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Icing sugar: sugar which sets easily.

Brown sugar: when sugar is heated it becomes brown. Instead of brown sugar one can also use half the amount of plain sugar and the other half amount of jiggery powder. Only plain sugar may also be used.

Drinking chocolate: chocolate powder.

Bread crumbs: tinu bits of bread; powdered toast.

Capsicum: big round chilli.

Canapé: they are small baskets made from Maida. They are fried before using them.

Vermicelli : It is made from ‘mainda’ and is long and thin like ‘sev’.

Noodles : It iis made from ‘mainda’ we have to varieties of noodles – egg noodles and veg. Noodles.

Ajinomoto : It is crystalline. It is mainly used in Chinese recipes. It helps the vegetables to cook faster and retain their test.

Chilli Sauce : It is made from chillies. It is available into colours, green and red. It is mostly used in Chinese recipes.

Soya Sauce : It is made from soya beans. It is dark brown in colour. It is mostly used in Chinese recipes.

Vinegars : It is also known as ‘Saraka’. It is available in two colours i.e., white and brown. It is also as a preservative. It is sour in taste. It is mostly used in Chinese recipes.

Yeast : It is used in preparation of items such as breads , pizzas, nans etc. We have to varieties of yeast, namely dry yeast and fresh yeast.

Silver foil : It is also known as ‘Silver Varakha’. It is very very delicate, paper thin like that used with butter paper. It is used for decorating sweets and deserts and is spread on them along with the butter-paper. Then the butter-paper has to be carefully removed.

Gelatine :  IT is used for preparing puddings, salads, ice-creams, etc. It is used for settings these delicacies. One sachet is equal to  1 table spoon.

Jelly : It is mixture of gelatine, sugar various colours and essence.

Custard powder : IT is used as a thickening agent in milk. It is used in item such as pudding, ice-creams, fruits-salad, etc. It is available in various flavours.

Corn flour : It is coloured fine flour of corn. It is used as thickening agent  in soups, ice-creams and curries. It is also mixed with mainda while making samosa and kachori to make them crispier. It is also used while preparing pattices to make them delicious and crispy.

Sodium Benzoate : It is a kind of preservative. It is used in pickles and others items made from tomato. It is also used in various squashes and juices. For 1 kilo of food item, 1 grams of sodium benzoate is used. Too much used of the preservative should be avoided because it darkens the product.

Potassium-meta-bi-sulphate: it is also called K.M.S.  in short form. It is basically used in ‘sharbats’ and tomato ketchup.

Acetic acid: it is mostly used in products such as tomato ketchup, carrot pickle, sweet and sour chutney, etc.

Citric acid: it is also called ‘Limbu Na phool’. It is used instead of lime juice. Being in powder from it is used in items where lime juice cannot be used as it would moisten the item. It is used as it would moisten the item. It is used in dishes made from apple, mango, grapes, guava, etc. It can also be used in jams and jellies.

Baking powder: it is a mixture of corn flour, soda-bi-card and cream of tartar. It is used as a raising agent in cakes and biscuits.

Cream of tartar: it is also used as a raising agent in cakes and biscuits.

Glazed Cherries: it is prepared form cherries or karmanda. They are soaked in red sugar syrup and r then dried. They are used for decoration in cakes, biscuits, etc.

Tutsi –fruit : small pieces of raw papaya are soaked in colour sugar syrup , and then dried. They are used for decoration in cakes and biscuits.

Blackjeeri: take 1 teaspoon of jeera, and 10  pepper corns. Roast jeera and then grind jeera  and pepper to a find powder. This power  is used for dahiwada.

Lai: it can be made from Maida or rice flour. Mix flour and water. Heat the mixture uptil it is thick. This can be used for pasting samosa covers puffs, etc.

Aluminium Foil: it is used to wrap lollipops. When the foils are tightly fitted over  a bowl, The food inside remains hot.

Eno’s fruit salt: it is mixture of soda-bi-carb and citric acid. It is used in various dishes to make it soft and fluffy.

China grass: it helps the ice cream to set faster.

G.M.S. and C.M.S.: these powders are used for making ice creams. They help to make the ice cream soft and prevent ice formation.

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