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Indian food and its essence lie in every secret Indian recipe of the home. Indian cuisines are well known for basic flavors and excellent blend of various spices which gives the aroma to food and makes it more delicious. Indian food is comprised of best recipes drawn across states and regions. Spicy, sweet, mild and traditional Indian cuisines are available in abundance to satisfy any human on Earth. Indian cuisines know no boundaries. Popular Indian cuisines can be identified with its amazing fragrance only.

There are many dynamics to Indian food apart from the only main course. Starters and desserts too are an important part of Indian cuisine which when presented in an innovative way is eye grabbing. Indian cuisines are healthier now because of the use or organic food, offering a balanced diet. Shallow fried food on Indian plate has taken back seat with a unique combination of conventional and urban cuisines like for ex: wontons altered to only steamed momos.

Indian food has spread its flavors everywhere because of the amazing blend of rich ingredients and strong spices. Indian cuisines are diverse because staple food varies from every region and state. Indian food gives personalized flavor to vegetables, fruits eaten raw or cooked. There are world famous Indian dishes which are globally known and essential part of Indian food like Hyderabadi Biryani, dhokla, Tandoori chicken, Sarson ka saag, poran poli, rosogolla. These Indian cuisines aesthetic taste buds of Indians. 

Certain cuisines symbolize the states so it's difficult to restrict the Indian Cusines as per the states with a wide variety of delicacies. India can be mainly divided into 4 important parts namely North, east, west, south and central India also. So here are some Popular state cuisines of India which make India a favorite palette all over.

Jammu and Kashmir: Green tea Latte, Yakhni, Tabak Maaz, Haak Saag, Rogan Josh
Punjab: Makki- Chawal and Rajma, makki di rot and saag, Amritsar Machhli, kulchas, makhni dal, chole bature, Sooji Halwa, lassi,
Rajasthan: Lal-Maas, Dal-Baati-Choorma, Ker-Sangari , Piyaz Kachori, Ghewar, Kalakand
Himachal Pradesh: Dham, Apples, aktori and sidu
Uttarkhand: Jhangora kheer, Kaapa, Aloo Gutke and , Chainsoo
Uttar Pradesh: Awadh Biryani, Shami Kebab, Aloo Kachori, Benaras Chaat, Moong Dal Halwa, Jalebi

Madhya Pradesh: Bafla, Lapsi, Bhopali Kebab, Bhutte Kheer
Chhattisgarh: Bafauri, Kusli
Gujarati: Dhokla, Khandvi, Panki, Dhansak, Thepla, Ankoori, Nankhatai
Maharashtra: Upma, Thalipeeth, kolhapuri chicken, Shrikhand
Goa: Vindaloo (hottest and oldest) dish, Bibinca

Karnataka: Bisi Bele Bhaat, Mysore Pak, Kesari Bath and Chiroti
Kerala: Malabar Parotha, Irachi Stew and Payasam
Andhra Pradesh: Ghongura pickle, Hyderabadi Biryani, Korikoora, Mirchi salan
Tamil Nadu: Idli, Sambhar, Appam, Dosai, Chettinad chicken, Rasam, Pongal
Pondicherry: Vendakkai Patchaddy, Kadugu Yerra
North East offers Momos, Pitha, Apong, Sattu, Khaja, Marua Roti, Chakkouba, Zu (Tea)

West Bengal: Machhli Jhoal, Bhapa fish and Mishti dahi
Delhi: Seekh kebab, Chaat, Mutton Pulao, Haleem, Korma, Kulfi, Sohan Halwa

Well, there is lot more too Indian cuisines which attracts foreigners too.

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