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Jalebi is most favorite sweet recipe in all Indians. Jalebi is well-known used as Wedding-saghun and birthday parties. Jalebi is one recipe which is like by older, younger’s and kids too. Jalebi’s specialty is, it like warm just made and cold too. In test it is crunchy. You can also eat jalebi with Rabdi or warm milk.


Maida: 1 cup

Sugar:  1 ¼ cup

Curd: 1 tea-spoon

Chana flour: 4 tea spoon

Soda:  Pinch

Ghee:  little 

Kesar:  A few strands 

Orange food-colour: A few drops 


Step 1: Take maida and curd. Mix them well make batter use 130ml water can be used. 

Step 2: Keep it for 24 hours.

Step 3: Take frying pan. Add ghee in frying pan.

Step 4: Take special jalebi glass. Fill mix batter in glass.

Step 5: Drop a few batter on fried pan. If it is sizzled and come at surface of oil. So, oil is hot enough.

Step 6: Formed jalebi in circular shape on hot oil starting from outside and moving towards center.

Step 7: Make 2 thread sugar syrup. Put fried jalebi in sugar syrup.

Step 8: Let jalebies in syrup until new lot of jalebies are ready.

Tips for to Make Jalebi  Recipe:

In winters leave maida and curd batter for 1 ½ days.

Batter should not been too thin.

Fill the glass full with batter otherwise thin jalebi are made.

Keep the sugar syrup hot by keeping it on slow flame, add water for make it thin.

For 100 grams maida use 200 grams of sugar.

Please do not store mix batter in closed container otherwise it lost its crispness and soften.

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